Folklore group

What is the role of folklore groups in Czech culture? How is folklore maintained and promoted in the Czech Republic? There has been a strong folklore tradition in the Czech Republic since ever. What can you imagine under the term “folklore tradition”? Folklore tradition includes folk music, folk dances, folk songs, and folk costumes. Every tradition needs to be preserved in order not to disappear and to be able to enrich generations to come, including folk- and culture-lovers, foreign tourists, and visitors to the Czech Republic.

Czech tradition

Do you wonder how folklore traditions are preserved? Czech folklore tradition is kept alive thanks to a great amount of folklore groups that are spread out all over the country. Who are the members of the folklore groups participating in keeping traditions alive? Since early childhood, little children attend various folklore groups. They stay with the folklore group through their adolescence and adulthood. In the folklore groups they learn to sing folk songs, play musical instruments such as violin, the learn folk dances such as polka or czardas. They also wear proudly their highly decorated dresses, shoes and hats.

Folklore festivals

In order to popularize and maintain these folklore traditions, members of folklore groups passionately show their artistic skills to public at vivid and colourful festivals. These folklore performances have a really strong tradition in the Czech Republic. The biggest concentration of folklore groups in the Czech Republic is in Moravia. Here the tradition of folklore and folklore groups is the strongest.

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