Folk Costumes and Hanacke Slovacko

Czech traditional costumes provide one of the most exquisite presentations of folklore traditions. So why do folk costumes from Hanacke Slovacko stand out? First of all, they are still frequently worn among people. Also, they are made out of hemp, more commonly known as cannabis.

History of folk costumes

Traditional costumes were mostly hand-made by local women using locally produced materials. In order to make traditional costumes, it was necessary to find plants providing yarn strong enough to withstand the manufacturing process. Slovacke Hanacko has become famous by using hemp instead of flax, which was expensive and used for ceremonial clothes. Because the cloth made of cannabis was cheaper and without colour, it was used for everyday clothes. In Hanacke Slovacko, the white colour was therefore not a symbol of innocence and purity but rather an indication that you could not afford to buy linen or dye your dress some radiant colour. Also, it was often used to dress the deceased, so for a long time white clothes were believed to bring you misfortune and possibly even death.

What folk costumes can reveal

Specific aspects of traditional costumes such as design, material, decorations and colours varied according to the lifestyle of its owner. One look at the folk costume and its embroidery could therefore reveal information about the person’s job, social status, financial situation and even whether he or she was still single. No wonder they are still so popular. Traditional costumes of Hanacke Slovacko can be seen not only in this region but also during folk shows in other cities such as Prague.

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