Hanacke Slovacko

The Czech Republic is a country of many beautiful regions. Why should you be interested in Hanacke Slovacko in particular? What exactly makes this region so attractive? Hanacke Slovacko is one of the largest and most picturesque Moravian ethnographic regions covering more than 40 separate villages. Numerous migrations and colonisations from other European countries such as Slovakia and Germany contributed to the creation of its cultural traditions and linguistic diversity.

Hanacke Slovacko and wine making

One of the possible attractions provides local wine making tradition. Heavily influenced by the nearby German immigration, the region is nowadays renowned and frequented by tourists for its fine wine cellars. And what could be nicer than enjoying a glass of wine while watching skilful dancers dressed in beautiful traditional costumes and losing oneself in lively local tunes of folk music. Hanacke Slovacko has a long and rich folklore tradition. Various folklore groups adopted many of their traditions and show them during folk performances in cities such as Prague.

Folklore is still alive

It may seem rather surprising, but Hanacke Slovacko is one of the very few regions, which still genuinely embraces folk traditions. Even more surprising may be the fact that the folk art owes its popularity not to specialized folklore groups but mainly to common young people. They make sure that traditional costumes, dances and songs are still regular part of the life in Hanacke Slovacko so that visitors and tourists can witness at least a bit of their rich cultural heritage.

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