Music and dances of Hanacke Slovacko

Hanacke Slovacko is one the most interesting regions of the Czech republic. It has a long and rich folklore tradition, which is even today gaining popularity all over the country. Slovacke Hanacko has it all. Beautiful country, good wine, folk costumes made out of cannabis and above all, fantastic music. Would you like to know more about music and dances of Hanacke Slovacko?

Traditional music

It is impossible to remain sitting when a folk song starts to play. Is it because of the lively rhythm of brass band or the catchy tunes of dulcimer? No matter the reason, any song from Hanacke Slovacko is sure to get your feet tapping and heart racing. Folk songs were usually created to suit a specific occasion or demonstrate a particular feeling. In Slovacke Hanacko you can find songs with romantic, humorous or military theme. Some of the songs even had a special dance related to it. During the dance “skočná” boys try to jump as high as possible and clap one’s heel. Another dance typical for this region is called “zavádka” and it is used to open ceremonials, feasts or festivals, which are abundant in this part of Moravia.

Spreading popularity

If you don’t have time to travel straight to Slovacke Hanacko, don’t worry. Songs and dances of this region gradually gained popularity and penetrated into other parts of the Czech republic as well, so nowadays you can see folk performances in cities closer to you such as Prague.

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