The Moravian folklore groups

Have you ever wanted to know what the Czech folklore groups look and sound like in the Moravian region and especially in the surroundings of Brno? What makes them so special that even today people still enjoy their performances? To get the answers to these questions, we strongly recommend you to attend one of the local folklore festivals or small venue performances of these groups and find yourself the magic of this music. In the Moravian region folklore musicians and dancers typically perform as a dulcimer group. The performers are presented in traditional costumes particular to the Moravian region. They sing traditional folk songs, perform the old dance and play many musical instruments. Some of them also show the traditional cuisine and crafts.

Folklore festivals near Brno

The most known folklore festivals in Moravian region include the “Ride of the Kings” festival
in Vlčnov which takes place every year and can be also found on the list of UNESCO. In Strážnice you can attend a unique folklore festival presenting not only Czech folklore, but also groups from all over the world. The Bohemian city Strakonice holds an annual bagpipe festival that attracts the locals, as well as foreign tourists.

Preserving the traditions

There is no doubt that Moravian region has a wide folklore scene still preserving everything that will be lost without them – the rich heritage of songs, dances and traditions of our ancestors. So do not hesitate and help yourself to discover their magnificent history.

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