Traditional dance and folk songs

Music played a very important role in the life of common people in the Czech Republic. Folk songs vary not only by the region of their origin but also in the purpose of their use. Usually they were created to suit a specific occasion or to demonstrate a particular feeling. You can therefore find songs with romantic, humorous or military theme. They often addressed everyday issues and were only passed down orally. Even today you can hear a lot of them being played during the traditional celebrations, for example at the beginning of the spring or the end of harvest. Many Czech regions also still hold such celebrations as the Drowning of Morana or erecting the maypole.

Dancing is crucial

The rhythm and lively melodies make dancing to these songs almost obligatory. Listed by UNESCO in the List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the Slovácko verbŭnk, a dance performed by boys living in the South Moravia and Zlín districts, also made this region’s folklore famous.

Must-see for tourists

The Czech Republic is one of the countries frequented by thousands of tourists searching for more traditional entertainment and the folk shows make their visit unforgettable. Dulcimer groups typically perform on most of the weddings and local public events but those are not the only places to watch their performances. Many Czech restaurants provide you with this special experience having these groups accompanying your dinner. Or vice versa?

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