Traditional Moravian music instruments

What do the traditional folk music groups look like in the Moravian region and what instruments do they play? One of the most known and played traditional musical instrument is a dulcimer, a stringed musical instrument which became the core of the bands playing the Czech folklore music. It is usually accompanied by other instruments like violin, viola, clarinet, double bass and instruments specific to Bohemia and Moravia such as shepherd’s pipe, bagpipes, and trumpet. These are just a few of many that add to Moravian distinct sound of folklore music. All of them are still in active use by the folklore groups during their shows.

Dulcimer groups

The most frequent folklore music performers are the dulcimer groups uniting members of all ages, from children to seniors. Their main aim is to provide their audiences with the atmosphere our ancestors’ parties. Some of the locally known groups in the surroundings of Brno are: dulcimer music group Prespoľan, Baobab (playing guitar as well), Sylván and Pajtáš.

Lively music, traditional costumes and some demonstrations of the customs people in this region used to have – that is the least you can expect from their performances.

Where to hear

The dulcimer groups can be heard at folklore festivals but also when having a dinner in one of the many traditionally-themed restaurants and pubs in the Czech Republic. Do not miss this first-hand experience of the Czech music, dance and costumes!

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