Folklore festival

Have you been thinking what to see or to do to experience the best of Bohemian and Moravian culture? In the Czech Republic, many vivid, colourful and simply enchanting folklore festivals take place throughout the year. The tradition of folklore performances has existed since ever. Nowadays it is experiencing its revival with a torrent of popularity among local people, as well as among tourists from different parts of the country and all parts of the world.

Colourful parades

What does a folklore festival look like? It is a blend of vivid colours, pleasant tunes of folk songs, of sounds of traditional music instruments, brilliant dancers. Folklore festivals have absolutely overwhelming atmosphere that draws in all participants, as well as the audience. Members of folklore groups and also local people who own a folk costume parade through a town or a village. They sing, play musical instruments and dance. Every folklore festival is a display of ornate dresses. Visiting a folklore festival is also a unique gastronomic experience. You can taste delicious local specialities, as well as traditional meals from all over the Czech Republic.

Famous festivals

What are the most prominent Czech folklore festivals that must not be missed when visiting the Czech Republic? Number one among folklore festivals is the annual tradition called Ride of the Kings. It is included on the UNESCO list of cultural heritage. Other remarkable festivals are folklore festival in Strážnice in Moravia or a bagpipe festival in Strakonice, Southern Bohemia.

Folk Art in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the countries frequented by thousands of tourists in search for more traditional entertainment. It is especially famous for its long-standing folk art tradition. Folk art provides delight for both eyes and ears and at the same time enables the visitors to learn more about history and customs of this beautiful country. But what do you imagine when someone mentions folk art? What does this term even mean?

Different sides of folk art

In broader sense, ‘folk art’ refers to various products of visual arts, music, dance and literature. As the word ‘folk’ suggests, this form of art was created by common people, often from rural areas. From under their artful hands emerged beautifully crafted utility objects such as pottery and glassworks, folk costumes and accessories decorated with colorful embroidery and stirring music and dances, which for centuries brightened their days and enlivened their celebrations. Not only every occasion had special songs and costumes, but also every region was characteristic by their own set of folk art traditions.

In search for folklore

These traditions had such an important place in the history of Czech culture, that even in contemporary Czech Republic you can still witness fascinating presentations of this glorious past. Are you interested in folk art? Would like to have a first-hand experience of traditional Czech culture? Whether you attend large folklore festivals, small-group performances or pay a visit to some of the traditionally-themed local restaurants, you may expect a unique combination of folk art that will render your visit in the Czech Republic unforgettable.